2009 Case IH Steiger 435


5422 Hours
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5422 hours, 710/70R42 Good Year DT824 Duals 90%, 4 Remotes Standard Pump, Diff. Locks, Standard draw bar, Front weight frame w/ 8 weights go back on, 2000 rear wheel weights come with tractor. well maintained


    • Type: Case IH
    • Displacement: 787 cu. in. (12.9 l)
    • Rated horsepower: 435 hp (325 kW)
    • PTO horsepower (mfr. est.): 379 hp (282 kW)
    • Rated RPM: 2000
    • Power growth @ 1800 RPM: 43 hp (32 kW)
    • Peak horsepower: 478 hp (356 kW)
    • Torque rise: 40%
    • Turbocharger: Standard
    • Capacity: 300 gal. (1138 l)
    • Type: 16/2 powershift w/ transport mode: Standard; Manual 24/6 transmission with reduced power growth and torque rise: Optional on wheeled models
    • Type: Integrated hydraulic wet disk
    • Wheeled (Final drive/Bar diameter): Inboard 4-planetary/4.5 in. (115 mm)
    • Differential lock option: YES
    • Type: Parallel PFC
    • Pump capacity — Std.: 40 gpm (151 lpm)
    • High capacity pump — Opt.: 55 gpm (208 lpm)
    • TwinFlow™ — Opt., total remote flow: 90 gpm (340 lpm)
    • Type: 3-point Cat. IV-N
    • Lift capacity @ 24 in. (610 mm) — Wheeled: 19,620 lbs. (8900 kg)
    Power Take-Off - Not available with TwinFlow™ option
    • RPM: 1000 RPM Optional
    Surveyor Cab
    • Standard/Optional: Deluxe/luxury
    Center-Pull Drawbar
    • Static vertical load rating — Standard: 5,300 lbs. (2404 kg)
    • Static vertical load rating — Optional: 11,000 lbs. (4983 kg)
    Operating Weights
    • Max. operating - Wheeled: 51,600 lbs. (23405 kg)
    • Shipping weight - Wheeled: 37,900 lbs. (17191 kg) - Base shipping weight with no hitch, no PTO, 20 gal of fuel, wheeled units with standard axles with 710/70R42 duals on 435
    • Outside frame width: 44 in. (112 cm)
    • Wheelbase: 154 in. (391 cm)
    • Tri-point frame articulation: 42° left/right (38° on Scraper, HD & Quadtrac)
    • Tri-point frame oscillation: 13° (26° total)
    • Centerline turn radius per SAE J695: 16.7 ft. (5.1 m) Wheeled/18.8 ft (5.7 m) Scraper, Quadtrac
    Case IH 12.9-Liter (787-CID) Engine for Steiger 435
    • In-line, six-cylinder, turbocharged Case IH 12.9-L (787-CID) engine powers Steiger 385, 435 and 485, delivering 40% torque rise, and 49 hp power growth (36 kW)
    • Low-rated 2,000 rpm means greater fuel efficiency, longer life, quieter operation
    • New air-intake system uses Cross-Flow® head design to smooth air flow, improve coolant circulation and extend filter and engine life
    • Draws clean, cool air on one side and vents exhaust opposite
    • Rated for up to 100% biodiesel blend (B100) when approved Case IH maintenance procedures are followed
    • Constant engine speed switch helps conserve fuel
    16-Speed Full Powershift Transmission
    • 9 gears in the 3 - 8 mph (5 - 13 kph) working range
    • Smooth shifts occur thanks to Integrated Electronic Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) transmission solenoids, which modulate pressure to the clutch packs
    • Intergraded throttle and gear shift allows you to change gears easily, and you can start out in gears 1 - 8 to save time
    • Transmission control lever and shuttle shift selector is in easy reach on the left side of the steering column
    • Use DieselSaver Auto Productivity Management (APM) to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the tractor
    • Use AutoSkip™ feature to skip every other gear between 4 and 13 for quicker acceleration to transport speed (up to 23 mph/37kph)
    • Use Select Shift button for single shifts and more precise in-field speeds
    24 x 6 HI/LO Synchroshift Mechanical Transmission
    • Flexible, economical, Synchroshift transmission available on wheeled versions of the Steiger 335, 385 and 435
    • Fully synchronized in both range and speed for easy shift on the fly
    • HI/LO range shift is integrated into the throttle lever
    • Boost field productivity with 12 speeds in the 3 - 8 mph (5 - 13 kph) range
    • Wet master clutch and helical-cut gears provide years of smooth, trouble-free mechanical transmission operation
    DieselSaver Auto Productivity Management (APM)
    • DieselSaver Auto Productivity Management (APM) allows selection of desired engine and ground speed, then adjusts to ensure the best balance of power and fuel efficiency
    • Activates with a three-position switch
    • Stores the set target speed
    • Fuel savings of up to 25% in select operations
    • Makes inexperienced operators much more efficient
    • Standard on all 2009 Case IH Steiger and Quadtrac Series tractors
    Match Hydraulic Options To Your Needs
    • All Steiger models feature a standard 40-gpm (151-Lpm) hydraulic pump (except Steiger 535, which uses a 42-gpm/159-Lpm pump) to direct the correct flow and pressure for the steering system, remotes, Power Beyond and the 3-point hitch.
    • Four hydraulic remotes are standard; Up to nine remote valves available depending on model and options
    • For high hydraulic demand applications, options include:
    • High-capacity 55- or 57-gpm (208- or 216-Lpm) pump (standard on Steiger and Quadtrac scraper and AccuSteer models)
    • Twin Flow second pressure-flow-compensating (PFC) pump delivers an additional 35 - 37 gpm (132 - 140 Lpm) on two independent circuits
    • Parallel Flow system provides up to 94 gpm (356 Lpm) available on at any remote circuit
    • Option for up to nine hydraulic remotes:
    • Optional fifth valve
    • Twin Flow pump adds up to two more
    • Up to two field-installed remote valves
    • Power Beyond couplers are also available for enhanced capacity needs
    • Electronic controls are conveniently located in the armrest
    • Choose among five functions – motor, non-detent, full function, no float, lock – with fully adjustable engagement time, from one second to infinity
    • Reduce operator effort and complexity with the optional one-button, end-of-row turning function to automatically record up to 30 steps, then repeat the sequence for every
    PTO and 3-Point Hitch Options
    • Achieve industry-leading lift capacity when you outfit your Steiger or Quadtrac with a 3-point hitch:
    • Lift capacity 19,620 lbs (8,900 kg) for wheeled units
    • Hitch can safely handle even the heaviest planters, drills, V-rippers and cultivators
    • Optional 1,000-hp (746-kW) PTO assembly available for any Steiger or Quadtrac model (excluding scraper versions).
    • Electronically modulated 1.75-in. (4.5-cm) PTO shaft
    • Smooth engagement
    • Ample power
    • Turn high-load shafts under tough conditions
    • Redesigned drop box with helical gears
    • Reduces noise
    • Transfers power efficiently
    Heavy-Duty Axles
    • 4-in. (102-mm) axle on the Steiger 335 and the 4.5-in. (115-mm) axle on all other models allow for easy wheel tread settings:
    • Accommodates more row spacings and tire configurations
    • Performance advantages include:
    • Built-in structural strength from massive axle housings
    • Dependable braking delivered by hydraulic wet-disk brakes on front and rear axles
    • Optional hydraulic differential locks (separate for front and rear axles) improve traction in slippery conditions
    Final Drives
    • Inboard four-planetary final drive standard for Steiger wheeled models (three-planetary for Steiger 335)
    • Inboard/compound planetary final drive provide outstanding load handling for heavy-duty Steiger configurations (four-planetary for Steiger 335 HD)
    • Offset three-planetary final drives with flange hub specially designed for Quadtrac models
    • Cool, filtered oil lubricates ground spiral bevel gear sets, bearings and final drives for a strong, durable and quiet operation
    Steiger Surveyor Cab
    • 23% more cab volume and 9% more glass compared to competitive cabs for exceptional visibility and comfort
    • Roomy Optima™ seat is fully adjustable, including ride firmness, back support, armrest height and tilt, swivel left or right, four-position heat control
    • Deluxe cab offers:
    • Auto temperature control
    • Front and rear sunshades
    • Tilt steering
    • Workstation for laptop on left side of seat
    • Optional training seat
    • Plenty of storage space
    • Power outlets
    • Dome light
    • Luxury (Surveyor) cab offers a quiet 75 dBA sound level and adds:
    • Leather bucket seat with positive response suspension (sensors adjust shock absorber)
    • Leather-wrapped throttle and steering wheel
    • Leather right-hand armrest
    • Carpeted floor mat
    • Extra windshield wipers
    More Lighting Options
    • New near-daylight, high intensity discharge (HID) lights are optional
    • Adjust to any pattern that floods light to a distance of 350 ft. (100 m)
    • Reduce operating costs by replacing up to eight halogen work lights with 6,000-hour HID lamps
    • New standard egress lighting lets you safely exit and move clear of machinery at night while the light stays on for up to 120 seconds
    • Standard lighting package includes 15 total halogen work lights mounted on the front bumper, front and rear cab roofline and rear fenders
    New Cab Controls
    • Standard Multi-Control™ armrest features an integrated gear/throttle control handle that puts speed, direction, hydraulics, hitch and end-of-row switch right in your hand
    • Right-hand armrest control moves in sync with the air-suspension Optima™ seat
    • Eye-level instrumentation is perfectly positioned in the right-hand A-post
    • An autoguidance-ready cab from the factory is standard as is the AFS® Pro 600 color monitor to control and monitor all performance systems of ISO11783 implements and AFS
    Engineered With Service In Mind
    • Save time with sight gauges at all daily checkpoints (except engine oil)
    • Lower operating costs with 500-hour oil change intervals
    • Special right-hand service door gives easy access to batteries, windshield fluid reservoir and axle lube filter
    • Quick access to electrical components is gained through right side of cab service window
    • Save grease and time because daily lube is not required



    Engine Type
    Case IH
    435 hp (325 kW)
    PTO HP
    379 hp (282 kW)
    Rated RPM
    2000 rpm


    154 in. (391 cm)
    44 in. (112 cm)
    51,600 lbs. (23405 kg)


    Fuel Capacity
    300 gal. (1138 l)
    16/2 powershift w/ transport mode: Standard; Manual 24/6 transmission with reduced power growth and torque rise: Optional on wheeled models
    Integrated hydraulic wet disk
    Parallel PFC